The World’s Youngest Investment Banker

Posted by Anton Murray Consulting on 24 Jun, 2015

Meet Estephe Corlin, a 14 year old Material Science & Engineering Student from Imperial College London, who just landed a position at BNP Paribas London.

Why Banking?

Estephe: “I find investment really interesting as it involves using analytical skills and a lot of maths which is really fun and challenging. I also really enjoy researching and learning about different companies (also learning all about IPOs, Stocks and Bonds).”

Future Aspirations

Estephe: “I still have 3 years until my degree ends.. but I have really enjoyed this past week in Equity Capital Markets at BNP and I find finance really interesting so that is definitely something I will be considering, although I haven’t learnt much about other areas in finance (for example M&A, Asset Management & Trading)”


Estephe was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 2000, moving to Boston and subsequently Hong Kong. In 2014, he finished his A Levels at MPW London aged 13. His studies were accelerated by 5 years.

When Estephe was 9, his mum hired a tutor (Horatio Boedihardjo, who also went through accelerated education). Horatio taught him IGCSE maths at an accelerated pace. After receiving an A in Maths, Estephe decided he could go further, studying Physics and Chemistry IGCSEs before taking additional Maths, Mandarin and French (Fluent). Estephe: “My favourite topics have always been Maths, Physics & Chemistry”

In addition to his academic achievements, Estephe started swimming competitively at 6 years old and has competed at an international level across swimming, running and judo. He has also co-written a book: The Roar of the Tiger Cubs


Estephe now studies Material Science & Engineering at Imperial College, recently completing his first year aged 14. He has a hunger for Finance with an outlook for more internship opportunities. Estephe is available for contact here


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