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AMP Capital launches ambitious sustainability strategy

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AMP Capital has launched an ambitious 2030 ESG strategy for its real estate business that aims to address key sustainability challenges including climate change, waste, biodiversity, social impact, accessibility and supply chain sustainability. According to AMP Capital’s head of sustainability, real estate, Chris Nunn said sustainability has become a dominant global economic risk and business megatrend that will transform industries and society. “The real estate sector holds many of the solutions and is in a position to act now,” he said. “AMP Capital is committed to working with our industry peers, clients and customers to improve every day for future generations.”

“We want to shape a better future and this strategy marks a step change in our thinking around how we’re going to do that. This comprehensive sustainability framework addresses material environmental, social and governance areas, with a focus on six main initiatives that the business believes will have the most impact by 2030. I’m most excited about creating a conservation reserve of more than 4 million square metres, which we believe is a first for an Australian real estate company.”

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