April 2020

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Never let a good crisis go to waste”, possibly said by Churchill, is a relevant turn of phrase in these challenging times.

Recently the New York Times offered an interesting piece on constructive solitude enjoyed by Thoreau in Walden Pond, Massachusetts. While visiting the country and isolating yourself in a cabin on a lake would be impractical for most, there are some lessons for us to consider in Thoreau’s approach. This virus will be relatively short-lived, though undoubtedly impactful on all of us, but there is real value in constructive isolation.

Not to diminish those directly impacted by this virus either economically or physically, but reframing this period of isolation as an opportunity for renewal or regeneration can be powerful. Consider these short months of social distancing as a valuable time to spend with your kids, improve your health, learn a language or reconnect with your parents. Regarding these odd times as either a burden or an opportunity for personal development, could just be a difference of perspective. Many young children spending countless beautiful days in close connection with their parents will probably look back on this time with fondness. Opting for a positive outlook during isolation is a choice we can all make.

Initially it feels natural to exercise often, perhaps compulsively, to burn off excess energy from being cooped-up indoors for extended periods. Although beyond exercise, this is an exceptional time for forced mental and spiritual isolation. A government-mandated time for you to, perhaps, reflect on what’s important in your life. An opportunity to read, meditate and dream more than we are all accustomed to. Maybe an ideal time to finally put some creativity in your life to pick up that paint brush, typewriter, journal or instrument that you haven’t touched in years.

From a staffing perspective, perhaps now is an ideal time to review your hiring plans for the next few years. Potentially relook at oft-neglected strategic plans, org charts and team development. For your career, now may be a good time to update your CV and your LinkedIn profile, to prepare for a new career direction after the virus passes. Notably, many of our exceptional clients across the region are continuing to interview and hire, to build teams now and plan for growth in the future.

Take care, and enjoy some constructive isolation in your own way.

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