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Aussies will pay up to 80% more for ESG leadership: study

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New research suggests that companies can achieve ‘substantial’ top-line growth by being a leader in ESG. A new study conducted by global management consulting firm, Kearney, has revealed that Aussies are willing to pay between 40 and 80 per cent more for leading performance across environmental, social and governance (ESG). Additionally, the firm found that between 20 to 35 per cent of Aussie respondents would be more willing to purchase goods and services with ESG leadership.

“Around the world, companies are trying to embrace ESG practices in an authentic way, but still tend to view ESG as a cost to the top line,” said Kearney ANZ ESG lead, strategic operations lead and partner, Kate Hart. “Our data shows that integrating ESG principles into a product’s life cycle can actually give companies the competitive advantage they are seeking, positioning them favourably in the eyes of consumers and helping their products to stand out from the crowd.” Kearney suggested that companies needed to meet three key requirements to benefit from the potential increased market share and pricing premium.

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