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Robo-Advice Growth a Worldwide Trend

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A new survey reveals the robo-advisory is increasing in competition across both the Asia-Pacific and European markets. Research from data and analytics company GlobalData’s Wealth Managers Survey found that the robo-advisory market is increasing in competition globally, with more start-ups entering the wealth management industry year by year. According to GlobalData wealth management analyst Sergel Woldemichael, traditional wealth managers across the globe in previous years had a widespread level of agreement that robo-advice would seize market share.

“However, as of 2018, the level of agreement that Asian-Pacific and European wealth managers will lose market share to robo-advisors is beginning to align,” Mr Woldemicheal said. “For traditional wealth managers to reduce the risk of losing market share, they would benefit from introducing a digital investment platform.”

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Pengana Launches Australian First Trust

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Australia’s first global private equity listed investment trust is set to be launched by Pengana to give investors exposure to the portfolio. The Pengana Private Equity Trust will provide investors with exposure to a globally diversified portfolio of private equity through an ASX-listed vehicle. Grosvenor Capital Management (GCM) has partnered with Pengana to construct the trust and will help the group to select investments for it.

Grosvenor is a global alternative asset manager with US$52 billion under management and with a long track record of investing in private equity. Private equity in the past has been the domain of institutional investors but, by trading on the ASX, the trust hopes to allow more investors access because of the potential of secondary market liquidity. Pengana’s chief executive officer Russel Pillemer said this trust would give retail investors opportunities they had never had before.

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Four Themes for HNW Investors This Year

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Many investors are reflecting on the lessons from 2018. It was a year characterised by volatility, trade tensions and a number of geopolitical events, all of which have left many investors wondering what they should expect next year.

1. Expect volatility 

If 2018 taught us anything, it is that expecting volatility is the safest course of action. While there has been a lot of noise about what is driving volatility, ultimately the two key factors responsible are the tightening US Federal Reserve (the Fed) monetary policy, and the impact of trade tensions. These two factors are set to play a significant role in 2019 as well.

2. Consider defensive sectors

In 2016-17, the world enjoyed relatively smooth conditions for markets, largely due to highly accommodating central banks globally. This means new investors, or those guilty of having a short memory, are surprised by the volatility present in 2018. It’s important to keep in mind that this level of volatility is highly unusual, and reflects the market adjusting from an ‘accommodating Fed’ to a ‘tightening Fed’. Markets are only now shifting from a liquidity driven market to one driven more by fundamentals.

3. Seek deep valuation sectors

Over the last five years, growth sectors have taken centre stage. Technology, in particular the FAANG stocks of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google, have been the growth drivers of US markets.

4. Diversify across the yield spectrum

The benefits of diversification for generating healthy returns are well-known. In an environment of volatility, bond investors are encouraged to diversify across the yield spectrum. This will mean that if there is an eventual rate hike in Australia, the investor will be better protected as they will have a range of investment options, instead of holding all their eggs in one basket.

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Zero carbon economy to create substantial wealth

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New research has shown that a zero waste and zero carbon policy can lead to significant wealth creations which will be driven by technology. Research from Macquarie University has found that an estimated $20 trillion in new wealth could be generated, fuelled by cleantech patents. Professor Martina Linnenluecke from the university said that investors, asset managers and super funds would drive the clean-energy momentum, motivated by the potential of new wealth.

“Our analysis estimated that the total wealth created by the development of cleantech patents ranges from US$10.16 to US$15.49 trillion dollars and will involve an additional investment stimulus to the economy from US$2.93 to US$3.71 trillion,” she said. Already cleantech has become a fast-growing patent class said Professor Linnenluecke but further investment in the field would generate more wealth creation. “Our projections show that there are vast sums of money to be made by investment in cleantech. Estimates of wealth creation of between US$10.16 to US$15.49 trillion mean that there are enormous opportunities for business to create wealth and drive GDP for decades to come,” she said.

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CBA makes hires to lead wealth demerger

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The Commonwealth Bank has appointed Jason Yetton as the new chief executive of the demerged wealth management and mortgage broking businesses, NewCo, while Andrew Morgan will be the chief financial officer of the new entity. Mr Yetton will join after two years as chief executive and managing director of SocietyOne. Prior to that, he spent more than 20 years at Westpac and BT Financial Group, including as group executive of Westpac’s retail and business banking business, CBA said in a statement.

His appointment is also subject to regulatory approvals, including any applicable APRA registration requirements, CBA said. Mr Morgan is currently CBA’s chief financial officer for wealth management. Prior to this, he was CFO for the business and private bank and Bankwest at CBA, and has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services and property sectors, including at Lend Lease Corporation, National Australia Bank, Radian and Perpetual.

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