Climate change ranked top investing risk

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Global temperature change has been ranked the greatest extreme risk that could have the worst impact on economic growth and asset returns. Willis Towers Watson’s Thinking Ahead Institute listed and rated the top 15 extreme risks for investors in its Extreme risk 2019 report and ranking paper, which has a new top three this year: climate change, global trade collapse and cyber warfare. The report noted climate change is drawing significant attention among asset owners, savers and regulators.

However the group queried whether temperature change could still be considered an extreme risk, given it is looking increasingly likely and may thus need to be perceived as a mainstream risk. “Over the last six years the world, has continued to emit increasing amounts of greenhouse gases that exacerbate the risk of rising global temperature,” Thinking Ahead said. “The passage of time, with no meaningful action taken, means we are six years closer to the point of no return. For that reason, we decided to lift the likelihood rating for this particular risk, boosting its ranking to the top as a result.”

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