December 2021

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While the world managed different variants of the CV19 virus over the past year, business across several industries, including financial services, has been remarkably resilient. After several years of tackling the virus there is no debate that managing the pandemic is an important global challenge that requires worldwide collaboration to beat. While there is ongoing variant risk leading in to 2022, there is quite a high level of optimism in the business community, as discussed recently with a bullish assessment from industry leaders in the AFR. However there are many risks on the horizon, especially ongoing challenges in the Asia-Pac region and globally.

As we review 2021 we come across some recurring themes that have been building over the past few years. Positively, we can see the impressive collaboration within the medical community to develop CV19 vaccines at a rapid pace to help keep us all safe. Further, COP26 in Glasgow was an important event this year, where the private sector and government are building momentum to avert a potential climate crisis, with important targets set and increasing green energy innovation in the years to come. This increasing collaboration between governments across the world has been stymied by an increasing distrust for government and institutions in general. This distrust has been exacerbated by the increasingly polarising influence of social media. In particular this has resulted in a limit to the global rollout of vaccine protection in the face of a wave of misinformation spread via social and mainstream media.

The pandemic has heavily impacted many industries, with some sectors more adaptable than others. There has been an increasing digisation of work and technology, with flexible hybrid working and regular work-from-home interruptions becoming the norm. Facebook was rebranded to Meta and there is tech on the way that will introduce 3D avatar-style virtual team meetings and 3D interviewing. However after seemingly endless Zoom and Teams video calls, many of our clients and candidates have been excited to get back to the desk this year to collaborate in-person and simply share a beer and a laugh with colleagues. The extent that WFH and VC interviews remain a permanent fixture after we have cleared the pandemic remains to be seen. But there is no doubt that innovation continues at a rapid pace across industries like education, healthcare and technology.

After several years of change, the Australian government goes to an election in 2022 and both parties will poll on a promise of stability and as little change as possible for the populace. In AsiaPac there is ongoing geopolitical risk that culminated in the globally significant AUKUS agreement in 2021, to promote regional stability. However there is a lot of cause for optimism in to 2022, with CV19 evolving from a dangerous pandemic to simply endemic as the virus becomes more manageable via global vaccination and ongoing booster shots. Importantly, the first world is working hard to deliver vaccines to the third world, many of whom are still waiting for their first dose; and this will be an important step toward living with an endemic CV19. Notably, in demonstration that business continues to boom, and despite the headwinds of the virus, inflation is increasing at a rapid rate across several regions.

Thank you to all the exceptional candidates and clients who have supported us through this challenging year. Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes to your family for the New Year!

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