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Inflation expectations differ between women and men, data reveals

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The European Central Bank (ECB) has identified some key differences between inflation expectations of men and women. A new ECB blog, drafted by the bank’s top economists and researchers, has suggested that globally, women tend to have higher inflation expectations than men. The piece, based on a consumer expectations survey released in July, noted a 1 per cent gap between inflation expectations of men and women.

In trying to explain this stark gender gap, the ECB noted that while “as humans we absorb news the same way regardless of gender”, our inflation perception often starts with personal experience in everyday life situations. “As consumers, we observe and focus on prices we encounter in our daily routines. We extrapolate these to broader inflation perceptions and eventually shape our expectations for future inflation,” the ECB’s principal economist, Virginia Di Nino; research analyst, Aleksandra Kolndrekaj; and senior lead economist, Aidan Meyler, said.

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