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Inside Mike Baird’s decision to quit NAB

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At 51 years old, Mike Baird is ideally positioned to spend another decade in executive roles following his departure from National Australia Bank on April 15. The continuation of his business career will almost certainly include a position as chief executive officer of a large public company. Someone with Baird’s charisma, talent, ambition and stated philosophy of trying to make a difference for the broader community could easily make the jump to a CEO role.

It is understood the former NSW Premier has ruled out politics. This is despite the consensus that the former star of the NSW Liberal party was the ideal person to win back Tony Abbott’s old seat of Warringah from sitting independent Zali Steggall. Baird’s deep love and commitment to his family, who suffered badly when he was NSW Premier, has put politics and its destructive 24-hour news cycle off limits.

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