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Investment case for gender equality clear and strong

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The investment case for advancing gender equality in corporations is strong and clear with a proven bottom line for diverse financial institutions according to a new report. Evaluating the glass ceiling, a new study by Calvert Research and Management has outlined the business case for corporations to support more diverse workforces throughout the organisations with a clear impact on the company’s bottom line. Calvert, an Eaton Vance responsible investing affiliate, said that investors needed to push for changes as it would have a material impact on long-term shareholder value.

A recent study by MSCI found that companies with at least three women on their boards had median increases of 10 per cent in return on equity and 37 per cent on earnings per share. In contrast companies with no female board members had decreases of 1 per cent and 8 per cent respectively. A McKinsey analysis further confirmed that companies in the top quartile for diversity on executive teams were 21 per cent more likely to outperform on profitability and 27 per cent more likely to have superior value creation.

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