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Investors vulnerable to ‘slow burning’ climate risk

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Most investors believe that climate change will reshape the world – but less than half are actually doing anything to prepare for it. Nearly 90 per cent of global investors believe climate change is important but 40 per cent have yet to incorporate it into their investment process, according to new research from PGIM. “The humanitarian and economic catastrophe unleashed by COVID-19 revealed investor’s vulnerability to slow-burning risks with unpredictable timing,” said PGIM chief operating officer Taimur Hyat.

“Climate change is the next crisis that will radically reshape investors’ risks and opportunities. Investors that take action now can play an influential role in driving the global transition to a low-carbon economy while optimizing their portfolios for a greener future.” The research also found that few investors use alternative data sources to understand cross-portfolio climate risk – such as satellite imagery or air quality data – and that investors shouldn’t rush away from so-called “brown industries” when there are opportunities to engage with companies that want to change their ways.

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