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JP Morgan AM announces new CEO

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Taylee Lewis

JP Morgan Asset Management has named Michael Falcon as the firm’s new chief executive for Asia Pacific.

Head of JP Morgan’s Asia Pacific Funds business, Michael Falcon, has taken additional responsibility as chief executive of Asia Pacific, global investment management.

JP Morgan Asia Pacific head of global investment management Chris Willcox said: “We are very pleased to appoint Michael Falcon to the CEO role.”

“Asia Pacific is a critical market for our global asset management franchise. His experience, coupled with our comprehensive mix of regional and global capabilities, will help drive our continued success in the region,” said Mr Willcox.

Commenting on his position, Mr Falcon said: “I am honoured to assume this additional responsibility.”

“This opportunity to help investors achieve better outcomes by managing risks and opportunities in these markets is at the core of what we do.”

“I look forward to working with my colleagues and our clients to deliver market insights and investments that make a difference,” Mr Falcon said.

Mr Falcon will replace Jed Laskowitz, who will transition to the role of co-head, global investment management.

Prior to joining JP Morgan Asia Pacific, Mr Falcon held positions with Merrill Lynch and Chase Manhattan Bank.


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