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Lack of trust stops women seeking investment advice

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Around half (53 per cent) of Australian women have ever seen a financial or investment adviser a new survey has found, with the majority (57 per cent) citing a lack of trust in the guidance they offer. Stockspot partnered with corporate women’s news publication Women’s Agenda to conduct an online survey of 800 women in April. Two-thirds (66 per cent) of all women said revelations form the royal commission had affected their trust in the sector – with the respondents being more likely to trust their own online research above anyone else when they seek advice.

The survey saw 57 per cent of women list internet research as their most trusted source for advice and innovation, compared to 39 per cent who felt most at ease with their investment or financial planner. Only 37 per cent said they would trust a partner and 12 per cent would trust a bank, the same proportion as those who trust no one. Around 57 per cent of women were said to have invested in shares at some point.

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