May 2014

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In an effort to further engage with our growing list of contacts across our four primary recruitment markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong we have organised a monthly newsletter with interesting news, events, market trends, market commentary and specific opportunities that may be of interest.

For many of our clients within the Investment Banking, Funds Management and Wealth Management markets, 2014 has been a confident year to date. Our larger global investment banking clients continue to experience challenging markets in Europe and costly legal challenges in the US, still being negotiated from the sub-prime mortgage crisis of the GFC. However within Asia-Pac we are finding most of our clients are positive about the year ahead, and growth hiring is a regular topic of conversation. We are now entering the post-bonus season of 2014, and across all of our product groups from front-to-back we have seen an increase in hiring as compared to 2013.

If you are so inclined, we would love for you to connect with us via Twitter, LinkedIn andFacebook to receive live market news updates and position postings. We aim to use both social media and our improved website more in the years to come to deliver market intelligence, live job updates and high-quality content to our clients and candidates.

Have a great 2014, and we look forward to engaging closer with you throughout the year.

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Anton Murray – Director

Funds Management

Funds management is still a growing area within the financial services market and more and more global fund managers are trying to capture some of the action.

Investment Banking

As M&A activity increases and in the wake of one of the more anticipated bonus seasons, many platforms are seeing renewed investment into their headcount for 2014.

Wealth Management

Over the past couple of years, large businesses have been increasing their asset portfolios and our clients continue to look to grow their front office advisory teams.

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