May 2018

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Finding a way of working that suits you is infinitely valuable. If you’re someone who thrives on flexibility, or if you feel that a full time position just isn’t right at the moment, it might be time to consider some contract work. Anton Murray Consulting places a huge emphasis on contract hiring as we feel it can be incredibly beneficial to both employer and employee.

Four reasons it might be worth considering making your next role a contract position:

1. Flexibility:
Contracting allows you to work for shorter periods of time to accommodate different stages in your life. If you’re planning a long term holiday or career break, a contract role can be a great way to ensure you’ll be able to leave the role amicably when you need to. It can also be a great way to ease back into the workforce if you’ve had some time away.

2. Work-life balance
Contract roles are often more flexible in their responsibilities than permanent positions. Given you’ll only be in the role for 6-12 months, you can probably expect fewer meetings, less office politics and more flexibility in your work arrangement. While this will differ from role to role, it’s definitely something to consider.

3. Broaden your experience
If you’re considering a career move but aren’t 100% what area you want to go in to, contract work can be a fantastic way to test the waters in a new area. A short term commitment with a steep learning curve will not only make you more marketable for future employers, but will also allow you to decide if a different type of role is right for you.

4. “Try before you buy”
A contract is a fantastic way to test drive a company if you’re not sure if the business is the best fit for you. Contract roles often develop into long term positions if there is a need for your skillset beyond the timeframe of your contract. This isn’t guaranteed but if you and a company both feel that you fit really well, it could be the start of something fantastic!

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