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Top tier banks and distinguished financial institutions are among Australia’s top graduate employers. With this in mind, Anton Murray Consulting has developed the Graduate Register to give candidates access to businesses that may choose to recruit graduate roles directly through recruitment firms.

The Graduate Register has been developed using our strong referral networks, on-campus banking information seminars and contact with career counsellors at prominent universities across Australia.

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We have found a common misconception throughout graduates when it comes to potential employment prospects with highly regarded companies in the banking and financial sectors. There is a false perception that established firms are only looking for highly qualified candidates with substantial experience. Although this is true about many of their available positions, an increasing number of companies are either introducing or expanding their graduate programs. Some of the reasons for this are:

Retained Advertised Recruitment
Graduate programs are an excellent and affordable way to identify raw talent. Rotated placements within an organisation allow employers to identify a candidate’s strengths while giving them the time required to develop their skills.

Workforce Diversification
Diversity is a key consideration in the recruitment strategy of most institutions and this is often satisfied through graduate schemes where employers can identify candidates who have the necessary skills and attributes suitable for their workplace environment.

Business Growth
There is an inherent risk associated with business growth including instability and financial loss. With many graduate programs lasting for a period of 1-3 years, employers can limit the cost of growth while also finding the appropriate people to drive future success.

A lack of knowledge and experience can be a blessing in disguise. Graduates can provide innovative solutions as they generally have an alternative perspective to that of employees who are accustomed to company culture and processes.

Succession Planning
Graduate programs are an effective way to find future managers and leaders. As they are able to gain a holistic understanding of an organisation, its goals and processes, graduates often develop into experienced full-time employees who are ideally positioned to step up into management positions.

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Benefits of Graduate Programs

One of the best ways to start a career is through a graduate program. They provide tailored training that helps you develop skills while gaining an understanding of how an organisation operates. Among the lost list of benefits associated with graduate programs are:

Education and Training
The education and training received in a graduate program will often exceed that of an entry level position. With the assistance of a mentor and a structured learning process, graduates are able to put the theories they have learned into practice to acquire the technical skills required.

Work Rotations
Programs offered by larger organisations will generally have a structured rotation that will see participants spend a set amount of time in numerous different departments. This is a great benefit for graduates as it allows them to develop an understanding of the business as a whole and ascertain how different areas overlap.

Career Progression
The soft skills, technical skills and business acumen obtained in a graduate program place participants in an advantageous position with respect to career progression. The rotational nature of a program provides graduates with the opportunity to develop working relationships with managers and key personnel throughout an organisation.

Graduate programs are specifically designed to offer support as you transition into the workplace. This can be daunting for many but the presence of a mentor will provide both support and career guidance.

Travel Opportunities
With a strong presence throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Anton Murray Consulting has developed strong relationships with some of the biggest companies in the industry. Consequently, we are able to find graduate program positions in world renowned organisations throughout Australia and abroad.

All candidates on the Graduate Register are considered top-tier candidates with a drive to succeed in the competitive investment banking environment. To be placed on the graduate register please send your resume through to:

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We are seeking articulate and confident candidates who are eager to work in an HR/recruitment related position. With Anton Murray Consulting you can be rewarded based on hard-work and your capacity to generate revenue for our business:

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Funds’ views on superannuation performance test enhancement diverge:

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