Anton Murray Consulting provides professional consultancy in matching high calibre candidates to top tier investment banks. Our dedicated specialists on both permanent and contract desks strive to build solid relationships with hiring managers that enables us to provide tailored recruitment strategies to our clients.

We focus on a broad range of positions from senior management director level positions down to junior analyst and graduate level assignments. We have a proven track record covering key areas within investment banking including front office, middle office and operations.

Front Office Positions

The front office of an investment bank consists of three primary divisions: sales and trading, investment banking and research. It is the division of the bank which is responsible for generating revenue. This is achieved by serving a role as the link between the issuers of securities and the investing public. Front office positions include those relating to:

  • Equity Capital Markets Sales & Trading
  • Debt Capital Markets Sales & Trading
  • Corporate Finance/M&A/Private Equity
  • Sell-Side Research Analysis
  • Cross-Product Trade Support
  • Prime Broking & Collateral Management

Middle Office Positions

Middle office professionals support the front office in areas of risk management, compliance and law. This has recently expanded to include investment technology which is considered an area of growing importance due to the rapid rate of technology advancement and its adoption. Anton Murray Consulting provides recruitment services for a wide range of middle office positions within investment banking including:

  • Investment Banking Technology
  • Middle Office Team Leaders & Managers
  • Quant Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Proprietary Trade Support
  • Securities Lending & Borrowing
  • Securitisation, CDO & Structured Debt
  • Risk & Compliance
  • ISDA Documentation
  • Investment Banking Legal

Operations Positions

For an investment bank to operate at its optimal level several elements must be clearly identifiable within its operations. Efficient, accurate and risk-free clearing and settlement are critical. They are the driving forces for a smooth operation that is both stable and profitable. Often overlapping with the middle office, the following are among the prominent operations roles:

  • Equity & Treasury Derivatives Operations
  • Vanilla Treasury & Equity Operations
  • Investment Banking Product Control
  • Operations Team Leaders & Managers
  • Settlements
  • Futures Clearing
  • Project Management
  • Investment Banking Graduates

Career Progression

Wide Range of Roles

Graduate, junior, management and senior executive positions

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Investment Banking Opportunities

Investment banking as a sector continues to expand as a result of some notable forthcoming challenges including evolving financial regulations, a shift to remote working arrangements and rapid technology advances. Combined with the emergence of new financial products, investment banks will need to adapt their operational frameworks and retool their business models. This changing landscape opens a world of opportunities for suitable candidates with highly desirable positions available across our sizeable client base which includes:

Global Investment Banks
Our investment banking recruitment team works closely with some of the biggest global investment banks including JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and BNP Paribas. They offer greater earning potential, excellent promotion prospects and a sound overall learning experience.

Large Australian Institutional Banks
There can be no questioning the power and strength of the big four banks in Australia. The financial system remains robust and banks continue to have strong capital positions. The level of technical skills required for many of their roles translate to generous salaries and they also provide excellent pathways for graduate candidates.

CFD Providers
Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a relatively new financial instrument which have experienced exponential growth since emerging at the turn of the century. Using a technological advanced platform that is accessible on a range of devices users are able to access and trade global financial markets within seconds. Their rapid rise has been accompanied by lucrative opportunities for candidates with investment banking experience.

There are additional opportunities within other specific sectors including proprietary trading companies, boutique broking and advisory businesses, market makers, private equity firms, venture capital firms and data providers to name a few.

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