Recruitment Methodology

Our Approach

Anton Murray Consulting is an innovative provider of recruitment consulting services to the Investment Banking, Asset Management and Wealth Management industries that offers unparalleled quality and speed of service, with a highly professional, tailored approach. We value honesty in the recruitment process and we equally value and respect our relationships with candidates and clients.

Recruitment Methodologies

Anton Murray Consulting’s recruitment methodology has been developed to ensure uniform professionalism and excellence in addressing our clients’ requirements. As part of this process, we only accept assignments that are in line with our specialisation.

Further, our specialist consultants ensure that all shortlisted candidates have been previously interviewed, thoroughly briefed on new opportunities, and have consented to their details being forwarded to clients.

The following information provides an outline of the four main methodologies utilised by Anton Murray Consulting in tailoring our service to meet our clients’ recruitment requirements. If you would like further information on these protocols, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants.

Retained Advertised Recruitment:

The consultants at Anton Murray Consulting are experienced in coordinating retained advertised recruitment that is structured to be both cost effective and targeted. This recruitment methodology is becoming increasingly popular with our clients, as the logistics of negotiating media placement and production, in addition to candidate screening, interviewing and reference checking are handled by our recruitment team.

Clients may choose to prominently display their corporate branding within our display advertising. Alternatively, they may elect for a confidential ‘blind’ advertising approach, where their appointment is advertised under the Anton Murray Consulting corporate branding. Only candidates interviewed by our consultants and assessed as demonstrating the appropriate experience, skill set and corporate fit will be presented to our clients. The subsequent interview process parallels Anton Murray Consulting’s standard recruitment protocols, with the exception of the fee structure.

Although a commencement fee is payable to Anton Murray Consulting once role specifications are obtained, this fee structure is comparable to contingent recruitment and has several advantages.

Retained advertised recruitment is particularly effective for roles requiring an expedient resolution or highly specialised candidates and clients are guaranteed exclusivity to candidates on the short list for the duration of the assignment. The collaborative partnership between client and recruitment consultant also enables Anton Murray Consulting to explore the full range of recruitment options available in order to reach a successful resolution of the assignment. Finally, it eliminates inefficiencies such as receiving multiple resumes.

Retained Recruitment:

Similarly to retained advertised recruitment, retained recruitment provides clients with the convenience of outsourcing several recruitment functions, exclusivity of candidates for the duration of an assignment, and the elimination of receiving multiple resumes. However, unlike retained advertised recruitment, the recruitment protocol for retained recruitment is not complemented by an incorporated advertising strategy.

Contingent Recruitment:

For contingent assignments, our specialist consultants ensure that all shortlisted candidates have been previously interviewed, thoroughly briefed on new opportunities, and have consented to their details being forwarded to clients.

We also endeavour to develop strong partnerships with clients by delivering recruitment solutions aligned to their unique organisational objectives. By streamlining our clients’ recruitment activities, they are better able to focus on their core business functions. As part of this process, we meet with our clients to understand their organisational culture and recruitment requirements.

The payment structure for contingent recruitment is conditional upon successful placements and as such, candidate exclusivity is not applicable in this instance.

Proactive Marketing:

Unlike the above search methodologies, proactive marketing is a service Anton Murray Consulting occasionally provides in order to anticipate our clients’ needs for particular high calibre clients. Anton Murray Consulting is well placed to be able to provide this service, given our Investment Banking, Funds Management and Wealth Management specialisation. This is especially applicable for our established clients with whom we have a long standing relationship and are thoroughly familiar with their recruitment needs.