Wealth Management Recruitment


The Wealth Management industry is experiencing unique growth, driven by the large amounts of money available to be managed through superannuation contributions and a growing upper income bracket population. The growing amount of wealth under management creates a number of career opportunities within wealth management, as businesses expand and new niche companies come into existence. Opportunities exist within the specialist Wealth Management areas, including Financial Planning, Private Banking and Private Client Advising. Opportunities available in Wealth Management would range from full Private Client positions to Private Client Support, Associate Advisors, Financial Planning Support and a varied range of Wealth Management operations roles.

The clients within this space include the Wealth Management businesses of large Investment Banks, who are keen to profit from this expanding area. Additionally, given their retail distribution networks, Australian banks have quite aggressively expanded their wealth management business with the Australian big four banks actively recruiting in this area.

On from this, there is a long list of specialist Australian Wealth Management businesses that have strong high net worth client networks, and we should also include well established Stockbroking businesses that would be classed as being within the Wealth Management space, given their high net worth client focus.


  • Private Client Advisors
  • Associate Advisors
  • Private Bankers
  • Financial Planners
  • Paraplanners
  • Retail Structured Product Sales
  • High-Net-Worth Advisory Roles
  • Wealth Management Graduates