Diversity and Commitment

Promoting Equity & Diversity in the Workplace

At Anton Murray Consulting we are committed to aligning our recruitment strategy to our clients’ hiring policies in relation to cultural and social diversity. Enhancing diversity in our hiring allows our clients to embrace cultural and social differences; creating a dynamic, respectful, and accepting corporate culture. Irrespective of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical disabilities all applicants are assessed based on their individual experience and achievements. We share the same view as our clients, regarding diversity as a strategic asset, allowing firms to develop talent to create business success.

Anton Murray Consulting actively works with financial services and banking clients who are seeking to promote equal opportunities for women within more senior levels of their business’, particularly within the Investment Banking and Funds Management spaces, an issue which has been recognised as a strategic necessity. We have noticed that especially over the past ten years, promoting women to senior level banking positions has become a priority for many of our clients.

While focused on selecting the best candidate for the job, we give special attention to promoting candidates from a diverse background when we have the opportunity to do so. Certain sectors of financial markets are quite narrow in terms of their diversity so it’s fantastic to work with clients who care about promoting a more diverse workplace.