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AB low-carbon strategy attracts first super fund

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NGS Super has become the first super fund to invest in a low-carbon portfolio designed by global asset manager AllianceBernstein. The AB Managed Volatility Equities – Green strategy, launched in December 2018, is a unit class of the AB Managed Volatility Equities Fund. The strategy is based on the view that a well-constructed portfolio of low-volatility shares may not only limit losses in a portfolio but may also outperform the market over the long term.

NGS Super has invested approximately $170 million in the Green MVE strategy, which aims to achieve a positive impact on climate change all while delivering attractive investment returns. NGS Super chief executive Laura Wright, said investment in the strategy was in line with the fund’s overarching aim to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns in a way that reflects the values and attitudes of their organisation and members. “We’re committed to sustainable long-term investment options that work to give our members the best retirement outcomes and this strategy speaks directly to that goal,” she said.

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