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AMP Capital names new managing director

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A new AMP Capital managing director has been appointed to replace Stephen Dunne who is set to retire later in the year.

Current director and chief investment officer of AMP Capital’s property division, Adam Tindall, has been named as Mr Dunne’s replacement.

Mr Tindall will start in his new role in October 2015 after a period of transition alongside Mr Dunne, a statement from AMP said.

Joining AMP Capital in 2009, Mr Tindall previously worked for Macquarie Capital where he was the executive director of property and infrastructure.

Prior to this, Mr Tindall spent 17 years with Lend Lease working in various leadership roles including chief executive officer, Asia Pacific, for Bovis Lend Lease.

In May 2015, AMP announced to the ASX that Mr Dunne would depart from his role later this year.


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