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Best Annual Start for Cross-Border M&A since 2007

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A trio of cross-border M&A deals announced this week pushed the level of announced cross-border deal making to $138.0 billion for year-to-date 2015, a 20% increase compared to a year ago and the best annual start for cross-border M&A since 2007.

• Financials, materials and industrials deal making accounts for 46% of overall cross-border M&A, which collectively accounts for one-third of overall announced global M&A.

• Companies based in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong are the most active acquirers so far this year with top targets seen in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong.

Cross Border M&A - 2005 to 2014: Thomson ReutersTop Cross-Border M&A Deals – 2015

Top Cross Border M&A Deals - 2015: Thomson Reuters

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