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Fund managers join diversity initiative

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Vinva Investment Management and Schroders and Cooper Investments have signed onto diversity campaign Future IM/Pact, in an effort to attract more women into working in investment management. Launched a year ago, Future IM/Pact aims to attract more talent into the investment teams of super funds and fund managers, with an initial focus on appealing to women in university. The project was established following research in 2016 showing women comprised 24 per cent of Australian investment professionals.

In October, the campaign is hosting a student investment competition in Sydney and Melbourne, where gender balanced teams are to solve an investment challenge, competing to win a paid internship with a Future IM/Pact partner. A collective of 14 super funds, fund managers and industry participants are backing the initiative. Future IM/Pact founder Yolanda Beattie said new partners bring funding and scale to grow the campaign, as well as work experience and employment opportunities to tens of thousands of students. She added the upcoming competition will connect the campaign’s partners with a pipeline of female talent as well as encourage women to participate and challenge their investment skills.

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