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Healthy long-term returns not possible without healthy climate, says IFM

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The government is unlikely to compel super funds to invest in specific asset classes or projects, IFM Investors’ chief executive said. While the national debate has turned to superannuation, with the Treasurer explicitly stating that funds need to do more to address major challenges facing the country, IFM Investors’ CEO, David Neal, said he is confident the government won’t meddle in how funds invest their money. The Treasurer’s words, given in August as part of a wider announcement of impending super reforms, led to a commentary about the role of super funds in pursuing so-called “national interest” projects and what that would mean to returns.

But, addressing the National Conference of the Governance Institute of Australia on Tuesday, Mr Neal said “it is simply nonsense to think that major industry superannuation funds or IFM would make an investment that was not in the best financial interests of members”. “We all have fiduciary obligations to investors,” Mr Neal said, adding that “funds are simply not going to make investments that don’t make sense financially”. However, IFM Investors does agree with the Treasurer on one thing — the need for superannuation funds to up their involvement in the energy transition.

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