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Investors Prefer Responsible Funds

Written by Anton Murray Consulting on . Posted in Funds Management News, News


A majority of Australians would prefer to invest in a responsible super fund than a product that only considers maximising financial returns, according to a new survey. Findings from a research report commissioned by the Responsible Investment Association Australia (RIAA) have revealed that Australians prefer super funds that consider responsible investments. Sixty-nine per cent of over a thousand survey participants across Australia said they would rather invest in a super fund that considered environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as well as maximising financial returns.

This is up 15 percentage points compared with 54 per cent four years ago, indicating more Australians felt more inclined to invest responsibly, with only 31 per cent of people answering they would rather invest in a super fund that only considered maximising financial returns. Commenting on the results, RIAA chief executive Simon O’Connor said, “Consumer sentiment mirrors the continuing growth in the sector, with responsible investment more than quadrupling over the past three years and nearly half of Australia’s assets under management now being invested through responsible investments. “As more Australians show a desire for their investments and savings to align with their values, those already investing their money responsibly are enjoying strong financial performance.”

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