July 2015

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Focus On: the Smart Nation Initiative

The Singapore Smart Nation Initiative was launched in 2014 and employs an ‘E3A Vision’ – ‘ Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, All the time’. Essentially their mission is to improve the lives of all Singaporeans. They also aim to create greater opportunities for business. You just have to spend a few minutes on their site to see it’s all about technology: the Cloud, drones and cutting edge design.

The Initiative is well underway with around $30 billion SGD invested in the project over the past decade and the unveiling of numerous technological prototypes and pilot programs since the beginning of this year.

Generally speaking Singapore is a pretty forward-thinking nation. They have a tech-savvy population and high connectivity capabilities. It certainly sounds like the recipe for a modern, technologically advanced utopia in a country which already boasts a low crime rate and is the second safest in the world.

Naturally they’ll face some challenges getting everyone on board. The first phase of the project involves keeping everyone in Singapore constantly connected to the internet via their mobile devices. This may not be for everyone and may spark some ‘Big Brother’ type skepticism. But as the IDA’s Executive Deputy Chairman said, “Privacy of information is a foundation of anything going forward. There is a difference between privacy and anonymity – the information you don’t mind giving out if it will lead to improvements.”

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