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June 2015

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Focus On: Landing Your Dream Job

In 2015 it pays to think differently when trying to stand out from the crowd in landing your perfect investment banking job. Back in April Nina Mufleh made headlines due to her innovative approach to Airbnb. She created a website, nina4airbnb, with marketing analysis on Airbnb’s expansion into the Middle East. Not only was the approach different and stylish, but Nina clearly gave some thought to her analysis. Sending market analysis in the form of a website to an HR Manager at your targeted IB may not get you an interview for that job you would kill for, but it pays to think laterally.

Creating a website is an extreme example but it does pay to have an online presence. It’s probably a good idea to have an updated LinkedIn profile. Like it or not, recruiters and employers often check out your online profile when they’re considering interviewing or hiring you. Make sure all your skills are up to date and current to give you the best opportunity to stand out from the pool of candidates you’ll be compared with.

There are a number of important tips to remember when you get an interview. It might be obvious, but learn about the organisation you’re wanting to join, and be clear about how your own skills and experience qualifies you for the position you’re interviewing for. Check out GlassDoor to see what other employees have thought of the company, or to find out what questions previous candidates have been asked in their interviews. It’s also a good idea to think about what sets you apart from everyone else going for the same role and have some of your own questions in mind to ask the interviewer.

If your off-the-wall approach lands you a meeting with that IBD HR rep, make sure you look the part when you arrive. A survey of 2,000 hiring managers suggested that 33% claimed to know whether they’d hire someone within the first minute and a half of meeting someone.

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