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Look for positive ESG trajectory for returns

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Identifying companies that have a positive ESG trajectory is the trick to capturing performance returns when responsibly investing according to one fund manager. Anthony Eames, vice-president of Eaton Vance Management and director of responsible investment strategy said that capturing better financial performance was all in the trajectory. “If you are able to identify a company that has a positive trajectory on ESG performance that there is an opportunity to capture that upside and really use the engagement of the company as a force for positive change then there is the potential of better financial performance as well,” he said.

Mr Eames, who is part of the team at Calvert an Eaton Vance affiliate said that research was the key in considering what companies to invest in. “We don’t start with a set of screens or exclusions, we actually consider every company in a given marketplace for a potential investment and what we are trying to discern is ‘is a company exposed to manageable risk and if it is manageable, are they adequately managing that ESG risk? Or is that company facing unmanageable risk?’,” he said.

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