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Morningstar names head of Asia-Pacific products

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Morningstar has appointed a new head of products and client solutions for the Asia Pacific.

Jamie Wickham has been named in the role, and will be responsible for Morningstar’s product development and client solutions activities in the Asia Pacific.

Mr Wickham takes on the role after serving as head of global data and research products for Morningstar.

Morningstar head of global products and client solutions Kunal Kapoor said: “His extensive experience spearheading the growth of our data and research products makes him a great fit for the role.”

“[Mr Wickham will] drive our efforts to continue building operations and infrastructure for growth and developing processes for integrating our product management and client solutions activities in the Asia-Pacific region into our global framework.”

Mr Wickham has also served as chief operating officer of Morningstar’s business in Australia and New Zealand.


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