November 2015

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Global Investment Trend: Mobile Trading

As we are all well aware, smartphones have become seamlessly integrated into countless aspects of our daily lives and when it comes to trading, there has been no exception. Gen Y is seen to be at the forefront of this trend with CommSec revealing a noticeable increase in young investors over the years, most likely due to the demographics’ development alongside such major technological innovations. As a whole, mobile trading amongst Australian investors has increased drastically, with equity mobile trading figures up 53% compared to a year ago, according to Investment Trends.

Aside from the tech boom disrupting traditional trading practices, the continued shift to mobile trading seems to be in response to the increasing demand in international equities, desire to gain exposure to diversified income platforms or for some, possibly a final plea to escape the stagnant domestic economy of late. Above all, mobile trading provides round the clock access and response to live data feeds which is arguably a must in such volatile international markets today.

However, studies show that this convenience comes at a cost, with small investors increasingly accessing markets and making trades performing worse than traders who adopt a buy-and-hold strategy. In saying this, desktops and other devices are not immune to trading errors as it is purely the mode, not method being impacted by this trend.

Australian investors have been quite slow in adopting mobile trading in comparison to our neighbouring economies, as only 60% of Australian online investors use smartphone platforms, which is well behind the 81% and 83% of Singapore and Hong Kong investors respectively.

In light of the prevalence of mobile trading, there are numerous apps used by small professional traders across Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. If trading sparks an interest with you as a professional, explore one of the many apps available such as fpmarkets, CommSec, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, BOOM Mobile Trading or TradeHero.


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