September 2014

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Funds Management

Funds Management is an important sector of recruitment focus for Anton Murray Consulting in the Asia Pacific region. From large pension funds, custodians and superannuation funds to boutique asset managers, the funds management industry represents a large portion of the employment market.

During the GFC many fund managers were hit hard due to a significant decline in total Assets-Under-Management. Promisingly, since 2010, global equities have recovered well and this has translated into healthier AUM growth across Asia-Pac. Correspondingly the recruitment market in this sector has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.

Combined with an increase in AUM, the region has seen the consolidation of smaller industry superannuation funds into prominent funds heading toward $100m AUM. Sovereign Wealth Funds have also become major players in the asset management industry across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. These newly created Asian-headquartered mega-funds have attracted interest from global asset managers keen to capture some of this investment growth.

A PWC report published earlier this year predicts that assets under management in Asia Pacific will reach $16.2 trillion by 2020, and around $101.7 trillion globally. This is compared to $7.7 trillion under management in Asia-Pac in 2012. PWC expect this AUM growth will be driven by pension funds, high-net-worth individuals and sovereign wealth funds. They also forecast Asia Pacific pension fund assets growing by 9.5% per annum, to reach $6.5 trillion by 2020. Consulting firm Oliver Wyman has also produced an interesting insights report into the AUM growth in China. They expect assets under management in China to increase sixfold by 2020 to USD3.9 trillion. Clearly the asset management industry in our part of the world will continue to see healthy growth over the next decade as global players head to Asia seeking to take part in this investment boom.

Upcoming Funds Management Events

The 2014 Fund Management Summit is being held in London on 23rd and 24th September. The Summit aims to provide market knowledge with the help of keynote speakers and affords attendees access to senior decision makers and industry leaders.

The China Investment Forum is taking place on 11th September in Beijing. It is an educational event focused on global investment opportunities for Chinese investors.

The 3rd Annual Borrowers and Investors Forum, Southeast Asia, is on in Singapore on 30th October. It will bring together the Asian fixed income community.

Also in Singapore is the 6th Annual Southeast Asia Institutional Investment Forum. The region’s leaders in wealth funds, pension funds, insurance firms and private banks will come together on 3rd and 4th December.

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