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Amidst the myriad of quality Chinese and other Asian style cuisines on offer, Hong Kong is also a great location to try out international and local craft beer and demolish a tasty burger. Here are three great spots to find a decent craft beer and a burger next time you’re in Hong Kong.

The Roundhouse – Chicken + Beer (Amoy Street, Wan Chai) is a cozy craft beer bar that also makes high quality southern fried chicken and other fairs. The Roundhouse has a vast selection of craft beers (up to 25 on tap) from all over the world, and some classic local brews from the growing selection of Hong Kong-based brewers. Beyond the great beers, the fried chicken is pretty special. An evening at The Roundhouse is always a fun one. It has friendly staff that are always helpful and you will always find someone to have a conversation with, if you are there solo.

Honbo Burger (Sun Street, Wan Chai) is basically a hole-in-the-wall burger joint that produces some classics. Perfectly sized burgers, all made fresh to traditional American-style burger parameters. The best thing about Honbo is the uncomplicated menu. When you go to a burger shop, most of the time you just want a burger. Honbo understands this, and they produce results. A short simple menu with a few traditional classics, a vegetarian option, a chicken option and amazing fries, that’s it.

The Globe (Graham Street, Central) is one of Hong Kong’s classic watering holes. It is a classic English style pub with an extensive selection of geographically diverse beers. The Globe is also well known for its quality pub food and old English fare. Their menu features classics like fish & chips, a pie special and English pork sausages and mash. Their beer selection is also more diverse than other venues with many Belgian, German and other old European varieties as well as the modern cult classics of Pale Ales, XPA’s and IPA’s from the newer global brewers.

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