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Super funds in rapid transition to ESG

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Investment managers are being asked by major super funds to work towards making their portfolios carbon-neutral by as soon as 30 June this year, according to a boutique fund manager. Speaking at a recent Pritchitt Bland Communications media lunch, Maple-Brown Abbott chief executive and managing director Sophia Rahmani said the group had been directed by a major super fund client to prepare their portfolio for carbon neutrality by the end of financial year. “One of our super clients, which I know has happened to lots of super funds, has said by 30 June, we need a plan on how we’re going to transition over the next three years to being carbon neutral,” Ms Rahmani said.

“They’ve said let’s work through that because we don’t quite know what our board wants us to do. But just like that it’s going to turn into an ESG portfolio, and that’s a board directive from that super fund.” 4D Infrastructure chief investment officer Sarah Shaw agreed that many super funds were rapidly moving towards carbon neutrality across their entire portfolio if they had not done so already. “You can have stocks that are carbon emitters but they have to be offset by other stocks that are taking carbon out across the portfolio,” Ms Shaw said.

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