August 2020

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Anyone applying for jobs at the moment knows that Zoom and phone interviews have taken over traditional face-to-face meetings. Many of us feel less comfortable over video, or are just unsure of the protocol that comes with these calls. Below are our top tips for succeeding in your video interview.
1. Dress for the occasion

While you’re likely only going to be seen from the shoulders up, it’s best to dress professionally from head to toe, including shoes. It helps get you into a more professional and formal mindset, and will likely also make the call feel a bit more like a traditional interview.

2. Curate your environment

Not all of us have a dedicated office in our homes, however any steps you can take to make your space look and feel professional will be beneficial. Never conduct an interview in bed, and avoid sitting on the couch if you can. Make sure you have good lighting, and there isn’t any clutter or mess in the frame. Ideally, be in a space that you can close off from other noises or anyone else in the house, and if not, ask them to be as quiet as possible during your interview.

3. Prepare your technology

At least an hour before your interview, make sure you have any software required for the call downloaded, and test that it works on your device. Make sure whatever device you’re using is fully charged and set to do not disturb, so no notifications distract you during the interview.

4. Be expressive

One of the most common complaints about video interviews we hear from candidates and clients is that you lose the ability to read body language and tone. If you’re a naturally expressive person, don’t downplay that in the call. If you speak with your hands a lot, there’s nothing wrong with having a bit more of your body in frame, and gesturing if it makes you feel more natural. Try and behave just as you would in a face to face interview, to ensure your whole personality comes through.

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